Holocene reef-growth dynamics on Kodakara Island (29°N, 129°E) in the Northwest Pacific
作者: Nozomu HamanakaHironobu KanYosuke NakashimaYusuke YokoyamaTakehiro OkamotoTomoya OhashiHiroshi AdachiHiroyuki MatsuzakiNobuyuki Hori
作者单位: 1Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University, Okayama 700-8530, Japan
2Touyama Elementary School, Urasoe 901-2104, Japan
3Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan
4Ariake National College of Technology, Omuta 836-8585, Japan
5Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo, 5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Chiba 277-8564, Japan
6Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of Tokyo, 7-3-1 Hongo, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
7Institute of Biogeosciences, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), 2-15 Natsushima, Yokosuka 237-0061, Japan
8Graduate School of Education, Okayama University, Okayama 700-8530, Japan
9Geoact Co. Ltd., Kitami 099-0878, Japan
10The University Museum, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
11Department of Geography, Faculty of Letters, Nara University, Nara 631-8502, Japan
刊名: Geomorphology, 2015, Vol.243 , pp.27-39
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2015.04.011
关键词: HoloceneCoral reef growthHiatusENSOPDOThe Northwest Pacific
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)The spatial distribution of modern coral reefs in the Northwest Pacific (NWP) is restricted to approximately 30°N. Understanding the high-latitude reef-growth process and its correlation to climate change may provide important insights into future reef growth at even higher latitudes in response to global warming. We conducted field surveys and obtained seven cores from the raised reefs of Kodakara Island (29°N, 129°E) in the NWP to determine the changes in and response of reef growth dynamics to millennial-scale climate change through the Holocene. To reconstruct the timing of the reef growth, 37 coral ages were determined using accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) radiocarbon dating.(#br)The island is characterized by three Holocene reef terraces (Terraces I to III), which...
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  • Holocene 全新世
  • growth 生长
  • Pacific 太平洋
  • millennial 一千年的
  • radiocarbon 射碳
  • events 定时
  • ENSO 恩索
  • coral 珊瑚
  • climate 气候
  • gradually 逐步