Multiple environmental services as an opportunity for watershed restoration
作者: P.V. TownsendR.J. HarperP.D. BrennanC. DeanS. WuK.R.J. SmettemS.E. Cook
作者单位: 1Forest Products Commission, Locked Bag 888, Perth Business Centre, WA 6849, Australia
2Alcoa Chair of Sustainable Water Management, School of Environmental Science, Murdoch University, Murdoch, WA 6150, Australia
3School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of NSW, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
4Institute of Forestry Policy and Information, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing 100091, China
5Centre for Ecohydrology, School of Environmental Systems Engineering, The University of Western Australia, WA 6907, Australia
刊名: Forest Policy and Economics, 2012, Vol.17 , pp.45-58
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.forpol.2011.06.008
关键词: Environmental servicesWatershed restorationCarbon sequestration
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)The impact of reforestation on water supplies is often considered in terms of impacts on water yields. In specific circumstances, reforestation will improve water quality, to the extent that previously unusable water can be utilised. Such is the case with salinisation, a process that threatens up to 17million hectares of Australian farmland, major fresh water resources, biodiversity and built infrastructure. This paper highlights the value of bundling payments for environmental services (PES) from watershed restoration, including water quality improvement and carbon sequestration coupled with wood production, and compares the net returns with the existing agricultural land-use, using as an example the 408000ha...
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