Water storage redistribution over East China, between 2003 and 2015, driven by intra- and inter-annual climate variability
2003 ~ 2015年华东地区的蓄水再分配受年际和年际气候变化的驱动
作者: Qing HeKwok Pan ChunHok Sum FokQiang ChenBastien DieppoisNicolas Massei
作者单位: 1Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China
2School of Geodesy and Geomatics, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430079, China
3Geophysics Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication, University of Luxembourg, 6, Avenue de la Fonte, L-4364 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
4Coventry University, UK
5The University of Rouen Normandy, France
刊名: Journal of Hydrology, 2020, Vol.583
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2019.124475
关键词: Terrestrial water storageAsian monsoonsEl Nino Southern OscillationsEast ChinaClimate variability
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)National development and resilience are strained by shifting regional water storage patterns. The water shifting pattern has been found over China, but the underlying climate mechanisms of the pattern remain largely unexplored. In this study, how shifting regional moisture conditions are related to intra-annual and inter-annual atmospheric oscillations can be explored by terrestrial water storage (TWS) derived from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE). Using a principal component analysis (PCA), the TWSs over the East China were divided into two spatial empirical orthogonal functions (EOFs), accounting for more than 70% of the total spatial variance. The first TWS EOF is related to the seasonal variation, whereas the second TWS EOF is associated with the...
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  • variability 变异性
  • climate 气候
  • annual 年刊
  • China 中国
  • redistribution 重新分配
  • driven 从动的
  • over 在上方
  • storage 蓄水量
  • between 在中间
  • inter