Thermal model of the Piedmont Po Plain shallow aquifer (NW Italy) with the statistical temperature distribution
作者: Diego BarberoArianna BucciMaria Gabriella FornoManuela LasagnaDomenico Antonio De Luca
作者单位: 1Geological, Geotechnical and Geophysical Office of Dr. Diego Barbero Via Asti, 7 - 14010 San Martino, Alfieri (AT), Italy
2Geodata Engineering S.p.A. Corso, Bolzano 14 - 10121 Turin, Italy
3Department of Earth Sciences, University of Turin, Italy
刊名: Geothermics, 2020, Vol.87
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.geothermics.2020.101833
关键词: Constant temperature depthShallow aquiferThermal profilesTemperature fluctuationsStatistical temperature distributionPiedmont Po Plain
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)This study analyses the temperature distribution underneath the Piedmont Po Plain (NW Italy), where an important shallow aquifer exists due to fluvial and outwash deposits. A total of 118 thermal logs, for a total of 513 temperature measurements in spring 2008 and 585 in autumn 2008, were used to propose the conceptual thermal model of the vertical temperature distribution in the shallow aquifer of the western Po Plain. A constant temperature depth between 30 and 50 m below ground level was observed, under which aquifer temperatures were constant in the range 13−15 °C during the year independent of the external climatic condition. Above the constant temperature depth, the variable temperature zone , where the temperature is strongly influenced by external seasonal variations,...
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  • temperature 温度
  • distribution 分布
  • aquifer 含水层
  • shallow 浅的
  • statistical 统计的
  • thermal 热的
  • enthalpy 
  • model 模型
  • fluvial 生在河中的
  • observed 观察到的