Factors influencing and methods of predicting greenhouse gas emissions from highway tunnel construction in southwestern China
作者: Jianfeng XuChun GuoLi Yu
作者单位: 1Key Laboratory of Transportation Tunnel Engineering, Ministry of Education, Southwest Jiaotong University, 111 Erhuan Rd, Chengdu, 610031, China
2School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, 111 Erhuan Rd, Chengdu, 610031, China
刊名: Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, Vol.229 , pp.337-349
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.04.260
关键词: Greenhouse gasGeological conditionTunnel constructionLife-cycle assessment
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)The rapid development of China's highway tunnels consumes great amounts of energy and materials and emits large volumes of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The design and construction of tunnels are susceptible to the geological environments, but few existing studies considered the roles of the geological environments and construction parameters in the GHG emissions of tunnels. To elucidate the mechanism of GHG emissions during the construction of highway tunnels, this study expanded the relationship of the geological conditions and construction parameters with GHG emissions. Forty-nine lining designs and geological conditions for eight real tunnels in southwestern China were studied. The life-cycle assessment (LCA) method was used to calculate the emissions from 49 tunnels, which...
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  • construction 构造
  • China 中国
  • southwestern 在西南的
  • highway 公路
  • tunnel 坑道
  • emissions 排放物
  • greenhouse 温室
  • predicting 预测