The epidemiology of Budd–Chiari syndrome in France
作者: Isabelle Ollivier-HourmandManon AllaireNathalie GoutteRémy MorelloCarine Chagneau-DerrodeOdile GoriaJerôme DumortierJean Paul CervoniSébastien DharancyNathalie Ganne-CarriéChristophe BureauNicolas CarbonellArmand AbergelJean Baptiste NousbaumRodolphe AntyHélène BarraudMarie Pierre RipaultVictor De LedinghenAnne MinelloFrédéric ObertiSylvie RadenneNoelle BenderskyOlivier FargesIsabelle ArchambeaudAnne Guillygomarc’hMarie EcochardViolaine OzenneMarie Noell
作者单位: 1Hepato Gastroenterology Nutrition Department, University Hospital Center Côte de Nacre, Caen, France
2Inserm Unit U1149, Research Center on Inflammation, Paris, France
3UMRS1193 and University Hospitals of Paris Sud, France
4Public Health Unit, University Hospital Center Côte de Nacre, Caen, France
5Service d’Hépato-gastroentérologie, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire, Poitiers, France
6Service d’Hépato-gastroentérologie, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Charles Nicolle, Rouen, France
7Service d’Hépato-gastroentérologie, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Edouard Herriot, Lyon, France
8Service d’Hépato-gastroentérologie, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Jean Minjoz, Besançon, France
9Service d’Hépato-gastroentérologie, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Claude Huriez, Lille, France
10Service d’hépatologie, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Hôpital Jean Verdier, APHP, Bondy, France
11Inserm UNR-1162, « Génomique Fonctionnelle des Tumeurs Solides », Paris, France
12Service d’Hépatologie, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Purpan, Toulo
刊名: Digestive and Liver Disease, 2018
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.dld.2018.04.004
关键词: Hepatic vein obstructionIncidenceNational databaseQuestionnaire surveyRisk factors
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)Introduction(#br)Epidemiological data is lacking on primary Budd–Chiari syndrome (BCS) in France.(#br)Methods(#br)Two approaches were used:(#br)(1) A nationwide survey in specialized liver units for French adults.(#br)(2) A query of the French database of discharge diagnoses screening to identify incident cases in adults. BCS associated with cancer, alcoholic/viral cirrhosis, or occurring after liver transplantation were classified as secondary.(#br)Results(#br)Approach (1) 178 primary BCS were identified (prevalence 4.04 per million inhabitants (pmi)), of which 30 were incident (incidence 0.68 pmi). Mean age was 40 ± 14 yrs. Risk factors included myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) (48%), oral contraceptives (35%) and factor V Leiden (16%). None were identified in 21% of...
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