Section moment capacity design rules for rivet fastened rectangular hollow flange channel beams
作者: Ropalin SiahaanPoologanathan KeerthanMahen Mahendran
作者单位: 1Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia
刊名: Thin-Walled Structures, 2018, Vol.127 , pp.781-797
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.tws.2018.02.013
关键词: Hollow flange beamsCold-formed steel structuresRivet fasteningSection moment capacityDirect strength methodFinite element analysesDesign rulesLocal buckling
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)The rivet fastened Rectangular Hollow Flange Channel Beam (RHFCB) is a new type of cold-formed steel section, made of two torsionally rigid rectangular hollow flanges, connected to a web via intermittent rivet fastening. The hollow flanges and the absence of free edges in the RHFCB contribute to improved structural performance. The structural behaviour of the RHFCB is unique compared to other conventional cold-formed steel sections and its moment capacity reduces with increasing rivet spacing. The current cold-formed steel design standards do not provide a calculation method to include the effects of intermittent fastening. In this research an extensive parametric study was conducted using validated finite element models to investigate the section moment capacity of RHFCBs....
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  • moment 
  • capacity 电容量
  • rectangular 矩形的
  • spacing 间隔
  • hollow 浅凹地
  • flange 法兰
  • rivet 铆钉
  • fastening 固定
  • parametric 子宫旁的
  • section 薄片