Enhanced catalytic performance by oxygen vacancy and active interface originated from facile reduction of OMS-2
作者: Ming SunWanping LiBentian ZhangGao ChengBang LanFei YeYuying ZhengXiaoling ChengLin Yu
作者单位: 1Key Laboratory of Clean Chemistry Technology of Guangdong Regular Higher Education Institutions, School of Chemical Engineering and Light Industry, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou 510006, PR China
刊名: Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018, Vol.331 , pp.626-635
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2017.09.028
关键词: Manganese oxidesOxygen vacancyActive interfaceCatalytic combustion
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)Manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieves (OMS-2) is a kind of excellent redox catalysts, a key challenge still remains to further increase their catalytic performance. Herein, we report a facile reduction method to enhance the catalytic activity of OMS-2 by producing more oxygen vacancy and creating an active interface between the main phase MnO 2 and the minor phase Mn 3 O 4 . Compared to the pristine OMS-2, the OMS-2 catalyst reduced in a relatively short time exhibits superior performance for dimethyl ether combustion with a starting-off temperature of 163°C and a complete combustion temperature of 230°C. Such enhanced activity can be ascribed to the higher reducibility, the more oxygen vacancy, and the active heterogeneous...
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  • vacancy 空位
  • interface 界面
  • oxygen 
  • combustion 燃烧
  • facile 容易的
  • performance 性能
  • catalytic 催化的
  • reduction 减少
  • Oxygen 氧气
  • active 活动的