Pyrolysis characteristics of ethanol swelling Shendong coal and the composition distribution of its coal tar
作者: Ming SunMingming MaBo LvQiuxiang YaoJunwen GaoRucheng WangYujuan ZhangXiaoxun Ma
作者单位: 1School of Chemical Engineering, Northwest University, International Science & Technology Cooperation Base of MOST for Clean Utilization of Hydrocarbon Resources, Chemical Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Advanced Use Technology of Shanbei Energy, Shaanxi Research Center of Engineering Technology for Clean Coal Conversion, Collaborative Innovation Center for Development of Energy and Chemical Industry in Northern Shaanxi, Xi'an, 710069, Shaanxi, China
2Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd., Xi’an, 710075, Shaanxi, China
刊名: Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2018
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.jaap.2018.12.012
关键词: Shendong coalsWellingPyrolysisCoal tarTG-FTIRGC-MS
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)The structural features and pyrolysis characteristics of Shendong demineralized coal (DC) and its ethanol swelling coal (EDSC) were investigated by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), solid-state cross-polarization magic angle spinning carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance (CP/MAS 13 C-NMR), thermo-gravimeter-Fourier transform infrared (TG-FTIR) spectroscopy, the self-made steel retort assay, and pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (Py-GC/MS). The pyrolysis product coal tar from the self-made steel retort assay was extracted by n -hexane to obtain the n -hexane solubles (CTHS) as well as the n -hexane insolubles (CTHIS). The composition of CTHS has been explored by the analysis of GC/MS, and CTHIS was investigated by the analyses of TG-FTIR and Py-GC/MS. The analysis...
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  • swelling 膨胀
  • hexane 己烷
  • FTIR Flight Test Instrumentation Requirements
  • heterocyclic 杂环的
  • distribution 分布
  • carbons 炭黑
  • pyrolysis 加热分解
  • pyridine 吡啶
  • stretching 延伸
  • ethanol 乙醇