Immunohistochemistry as a method to study elastic fibers of human vocal fold
作者: Hugo Valter Lisboa RamosManuel de Jesus SimõesPaulo Augusto de Lima PontesLuciano Rodrigues NevesLuiz Henrique Fonceca BarbosaNoemi Grigoletto De BiaseCelina T.S. Oshima
作者单位: 1Otorhinolaryngologist (Post-graduate studies under course).
2Ph.D. (Professor, UNIFESP-EPM).
3Ph.D. in Medicine (Doctorate thesis), Escola Paulista de Medicina, 1970. Ph.D. in Medicine, Course of Post-graduation in Medicine, 1981. Full Professor, Discipline of Otorhinolaryngology, Department of Ophthalmology/Otorhinolaryngology, Escola Paulista de Medicina, 1989. Faculty Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Human Communication Disorders, Escola Paulista de Medicina, 1991.
4Post-graduation under course, UNIFESP-EPM.
5Otorhinolaryngologist (Post-graduation under course).
7Ph.D. (Biologist).
刊名: Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology, 2005, Vol.71 (4), pp.486-491
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/S1808-8694(15)31204-0
关键词: larynxvocal foldelastinimmunohistochemistry
原始语种摘要: Summary(#br)Aim : Verify the use of immunohistochemistry as a method to measure all forms of elastic fibers at human vocal folds. Study design: transversal cohort. Material and method : We collected vocal folds following these criterion: age between 25 and 40, Caucasian men, dead by gun shot, within 12 hours of death, without instrumentation of the larynx or suspicion of neck injury and without mucosal lesions noted by microscopy. Ten vocal folds were collected and one, of a man aged 28 years, was selected to study. The vocal fold was transversely cut in 9 regions and in each segment three slides were made. These slides were stained by Verhoeff and Weighert´s resorcin-fuchsin and used for immunohistochemistry. The elastic compound was measured by colorimetric software analysis. Results :...
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  • vocal 声音的
  • tropoelastin 弹性蛋白原
  • superficial 表面的
  • larynx 
  • elastic 有弹性的
  • resorcin 雷琐辛
  • method 方法
  • fuchsin 品红色
  • human 人的
  • intermediate 中频