Direct synthesis of bulk AlPON basic catalysts in ionic liquids
作者: Ana I. SaugarCarlos Márquez-AlvarezJoaquín Pérez-Pariente
作者单位: 1Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica, ICP-CSIC, C/Marie Curie 2, 28049-Madrid, Spain
刊名: Journal of Catalysis, 2017
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcat.2017.02.023
关键词: AlPONBasicityMichael reactionPyrroleIonic liquid
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)In this work, the direct synthesis of materials formed by a network of Al, P, N and O atoms (AlPON) from the ammonolysis of P and N molecular precursors in an ionic liquid is reported. The as-made samples can be treated under ammonia at high temperature to remove the ionic liquid retained after synthesis. The resulting amorphous materials have high porosity and surface area. The P atoms of the skeleton are involved in single and double bonds with N atoms, whereas bridged NH and terminal P-NH 2 groups are also present. However, no evidence for AlN bonds has been found. It has been shown by pyrrole adsorption that these materials exhibit basic properties, showing a basic strength higher than that of...
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  • liquids 液体
  • ionic 离子的
  • reaction 反酌
  • synthesis 合成
  • basic 基本的