Safety Weighted Hazard Index (SWeHI)
作者: F.I. KhanT. HusainS.A. Abbasi
作者单位: 1Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John's, NF, Canada
2Centre for Pollution Control & Energy Technology, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, India
刊名: Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2001, Vol.79 (2), pp.65-80
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1205/09575820151095157
关键词: hazard indexsafety indexhazard identificationrisk assessmentindustrial safety
原始语种摘要: Indices are extensively used for ranking various units of a chemical process industry on the basis of the hazards they pose of accidental fires, explosions and/or toxic release. This type of ranking enables the professionals to identify the more hazardous units from the less hazardous ones so that greater attention can be paid to the former.(#br)The available indices—including the well-known Dow and Mond indices, and the author's HIRA (hazard identification and ranking analysis, Khan and Abbasi, 1 )—rank chemical process units mainly in terms of the hazardous substances and operating conditions associated with the concerned units. Dow and Mond indices do consider some factors (‘off setting index values’ in the case of the Mond Index and ‘credits factor’ in the case of the Dow index) to...
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  • hazardous 危险
  • chemical 化学的
  • values 价值观
  • quantifying 定量法
  • ranking 级别
  • greater 较大
  • concerned 有关
  • indices 索引
  • safety 安全
  • units 部件