Antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of aerobic and facultative Gram-negative bacilli isolated from patients with intra-abdominal infections in the Asia-Pacific region according to currently established susceptibility interpretive criteria
作者: Yen-Hsu ChenPo-Ren HsuehRobert E. BadalStephen P. HawserDaryl J. HobanSamuel K. BouchillonYuxing NiDavid L. Paterson
作者单位: 1Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2Graduate Institute of Medicine, Tropical Medical Research Center, College of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
3Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Internal Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, No. 7 Chung-Shan South Road, Taipei 100, Taiwan
4International Health Management Associates, Inc., Schaumburg, IL, USA
5International Health Management Associates, Inc., Europe Sàrl, Epalinges, Switzerland
6Department of Laboratory Medicine, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai, China
7The University of Queensland Center for Clinical Research, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia
刊名: Journal of Infection, 2011, Vol.62 (4), pp.280-291
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.jinf.2011.02.009
关键词: SMARTAsia-Pacific regionIntra-abdominal infectionsEnterobacteriaceaeExtended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)Fluoroquinolone resistanceCarbapenemsInterpretive susceptibility criteria
英文摘要: Summary(#br)Objectives(#br)The Study for Monitoring Antimicrobial Resistance Trends (SMART) was intended to reveal the evolving profiles of antimicrobial resistance among Gram-negative pathogens causing intra-abdominal infections (IAIs) from Asia-Pacific region in 2009.(#br)Methods(#br)A total of 3577 aerobic and facultative Gram-negative bacilli associated with IAIs were collected from 32 centers in 12 countries. The in vitro susceptibilities of these isolates to 12 antimicrobial agents were determined using the broth microdilution method. Susceptibility results for selected species of Enterobacteriaceae were also compared using different MIC interpretive criteria recommended by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute in 2009 (M100-S19), in January 2010 (M100-S20), in June 2010...
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  • facultative 随意的
  • aerobic 需氧的
  • criteria 准则
  • isolated 隔离
  • susceptibility 磁化率
  • bacilli 杆状菌
  • according 按照
  • Pacific 太平洋
  • abdominal 腹部的
  • region 地域