Coagulation Disorders after Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy: Analysis of 100 Patients with Relapsed and Refractory Hematologic Malignancies
作者: Ying WangKunming QiHai ChengJiang CaoMing ShiJianlin QiaoZhiling YanGuangjun JingBin PanWei SangDepeng LiXiangmin WangChunling FuFeng ZhuJunnian ZhengZhenyu LiKailin Xu
作者单位: 1Blood Diseases Institute, Xuzhou Medical University, Xuzhou, China
2Department of Hematology, The Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University, Xuzhou, China
3Key Laboratory of Bone Marrow Stem Cell, Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou, China
4Cancer Institute, Xuzhou Medical University, Xuzhou, China
5Jiangsu Center for the Collaboration and Innovation of Cancer Biotherapy, Cancer Institute, Xuzhou Medical University, Xuzhou, China
6Center of Clinical Oncology, Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University, Xuzhou, China
7iCARTAB Biomedical Co. LTD, Suzhou, China
刊名: Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, 2020, Vol.26 (5), pp.865-875
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.bbmt.2019.11.027
关键词: CAR-T cell therapyAdverse eventsCoagulation disordersDICCRS
原始语种摘要: ABSTRACT(#br)Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy, a new immunotherapy for relapsed and refractory (R/R) hematologic malignancies, can be accompanied by adverse events, including coagulation disorders. Here, we performed a comprehensive analysis of coagulation parameters in 100 patients with R/R hematologic malignancies after receiving CAR-T cell therapy to illuminate the profiles of coagulation disorders and to facilitate the management of coagulation disorders. A high incidence of coagulation disorders was observed, including elevated D-dimer (50/100, 50%), increased fibrinogen degradation product (45/100, 45%), decreased fibrinogen (23/100, 23%), prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time (16/100, 16%), and prolonged prothrombin time (10/100, 10%). Coagulation disorders...
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  • coagulation 凝聚
  • hematologic 血液学的
  • immunotherapy 免疫疗法
  • DIC Data Input Clerk
  • lymphoblastic 成淋巴细胞的
  • prognosis 预报
  • thromboplastin 凝血活素
  • fibrinogen 纤朊原
  • CAR CARriage-RETurn
  • prothrombin 凝血酶原