Conversion of Vibrio eltor MAK757 to Classical Biotype: Role of Phage PS166
作者: Sambhu N. MitraRupa MukhopadhyayAmar N. GhoshRanajit K. Ghosh
作者单位: 1Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, 4, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Jadavpur, Calcutta, 700032, India
2National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, P-33, C.I.T. Road, Beliaghata, Calcutta, 700010, India
刊名: Virology, 2000, Vol.273 (1), pp.36-43
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1006/viro.2000.0358
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)Temperate phage PS166 infection of Vibrio eltor MAK757 resulted in complete changes in all biotype-specific determinants. About 10% of the PS166 lysogens of MAK757 lost their eltor -specific determinants, namely, the ability to produce soluble hemolysin, cell-associated hemagglutinin for chicken erythrocytes, and resistance to polymyxin B, as well as resistance to Mukherjee's group IV phage and sensitivity to eltor phage e4. These lysogens were found to have acquired the properties of classical strains, most significantly becoming sensitive to group IV phage but resistant to eltor -specific e4. The remainder of these lysogens, however, retained their parental biotype and serotype but acquired auxotrophy for glycine and histidine. The differential behavior of the two types of...
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  • phage 噬菌体
  • acquired 获得的
  • biotype 生物型
  • lysogen 细胞溶素原
  • stranded 绞合的搁浅的
  • hemolysin 溶血素
  • chromosome 染色体
  • specific 
  • remainder 剩余
  • fragment 碎屑