Real-time route diversion control at congested freeway off-ramp areas
作者: A. SpiliopoulouM. KontorinakiI. PapamichailM. Papageorgiou
作者单位: 1Dynamic Systems and Simulation Laboratory, Technical University of Crete, 73100 Chania, Greece
刊名: Transportation Research Part A, 2018, Vol.107 , pp.90-105
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.tra.2017.11.017
关键词: Freeway congestionOff-ramp controlOff-ramp queue spilloverRoute guidanceTraffic management
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)This paper develops, investigates and demonstrates real-time route diversion policies in cases where recurrent freeway traffic congestion is created due to a saturated off-ramp. In particular, the proposed route diversion policies attempt to avoid the off-ramp queue spill-over onto the freeway mainstream and the resulting freeway congestion by appropriately re-routing the freeway vehicles through nearby off-ramps towards the same destination. The proposed route diversion concepts are based on feedback control laws and are tested for a hypothetical, but quite typical, network infrastructure and three different traffic scenarios by use of macroscopic simulation. In the first traffic scenario, the user-optimal conditions may be achieved without off-ramp queue spill-over and...
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  • control 控制
  • spillover 溢出
  • management 管理
  • guidance 制导
  • queue 排队
  • diversion 分流
  • congested 密集的
  • route 航线
  • congestion 超负荷
  • freeway 高速公路