A machine vision system for estimation of size distributions by weight of limestone particles
作者: Tobias AnderssonMatthew J. ThurleyJohan E. Carlson
作者单位: 1Luleå University of Technology, Department of Computer Science, Electrical & Space Engineering, Luleå SE-97187, Sweden
刊名: Minerals Engineering, 2011, Vol.25 (1), pp.38-46
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.mineng.2011.10.001
关键词: Conveyor beltMachine visionParticle size distributionQuality controlWeight-transformation error
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)The size distribution as a function of weight of particles is an important measure of product quality in the mining and aggregates industries. When using manual sampling and sieving, the weight of particles is readily available. However, when using a machine vision system, the particle size distributions are determined as a function of the number of particles. In this paper we first show that there can be a significant weight-transformation error when transforming from one type of size distribution to another. We also show how the problem can be overcome by training a classifier and scaling the results according to calibrated average weights of rocks. The performance of the algorithm is demonstrated with results of measurements of limestone particles on conveyor belts.
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  • vision 视力
  • machine 机器
  • weight 
  • estimation 估计
  • limestone 石灰岩
  • error 误差
  • transformation 变换
  • system 
  • distribution 分布
  • control 控制