Anxiety and Nicotine Dependence: Emerging Role of the Habenulo-Interpeduncular Axis
作者: Susanna MolasSteven DeGrootRubing Zhao-SheaAndrew R. Tapper
作者单位: 1Brudnick Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, Department of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA, USA
2Graduate Program in Neuroscience, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA, USA
刊名: Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, 2016
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/
关键词: anxietyfearmedial habenulainterpeduncular nucleusnicotine withdrawal
原始语种摘要: While innovative modern neuroscience approaches have aided in discerning brain circuitry underlying negative emotional behaviors including fear and anxiety responses, how these circuits are recruited in normal and pathological conditions remains poorly understood. Recently, genetic tools that selectively manipulate single neuronal populations have uncovered an understudied circuit, the medial habenula (mHb)–interpeduncular (IPN) axis, that modulates basal negative emotional responses. Interestingly, the mHb–IPN pathway also represents an essential circuit that signals heightened anxiety induced by nicotine withdrawal. Insights into how this circuit interconnects with regions more classically associated with anxiety, and how chronic nicotine exposure induces neuroadaptations resulting in...
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  • habenula 系带
  • withdrawal 取消
  • nicotine 尼古丁
  • discerning 有见识的
  • nucleus 晶核
  • anxiety 忧虑
  • cessation 停止
  • understood 明白
  • remains 残渣
  • essential 本质的