Spatio-temporal characteristics of crop damage caused by wild boar in north-eastern Poland
作者: Boguslaw BobekJakub FurtekJan BobekDorota MertaMarta Wojciuch-Ploskonka
作者单位: 1Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Institute of Biology, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Podbrzezie 3, 31-054 Cracow, Poland
2Polish Wildlife Foundation, Zolnierska 31, 30-735 Cracow, Poland
3Zaporowo Forest District, Piorkowo 8, 14-526 Ploskinia, Poland
刊名: Crop Protection, 2017, Vol.93 , pp.106-112
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.cropro.2016.11.030
关键词: CompensationDamageFarmlandsHuntersStakeholdersWild boar
英文摘要: Abstract(#br)Increasing wild boar damage to farmlands has resulted in a growing conflict between farmers and hunters in north-eastern Poland. The objective of this study was to evaluate wild boar crop damage and compensation as well as the fiscal balance of wild boar management over an area of 1867.2 km 2 , with 27.4% fragmented forests. During 2011–2013, the total area of farmland damaged by wild boar (1365 cases) amounted to 1000.4 ha. In this period, farmers received 432,600 EUR as compensation for destruction of crops caused by wild boar. In the area of damaged crops, cereals predominated (50.2%), followed by grasslands (24.0%) and rapeseed (21.2%). The damage by wild boar was correlated with population density (r = 0.648), forest cover (r = - 0.514) and distance to forest-farmland...
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  • temporal 现世的
  • damage 损伤
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