Experimental investigation and modeling through using the solution-diffusion concept of pervaporation dehydration of ethanol and isopropanol by ceramic membranes HybSi
作者: Alexander V. KlinovRoald R. AkberovAzat R. FazlyevMansur I. Farakhov
作者单位: 1Department of Chemical Engineering, Kazan National Research Technological University, 68 Karl Marx Str., Kazan 420015, Russia
2LLC Engineering-Promotional Center “Inzhekhim”, 14/83 Shalyapin Str., Kazan 420049, Russia
3Research Laboratory “Perspective Systems of Orientation, Navigation and Communication” of the Institute of Physics, Kazan Federal University, 18 Kremlevskaya Str., Kazan 420008, Russia
刊名: Journal of Membrane Science, 2017, Vol.524 , pp.321-333
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.memsci.2016.11.057
关键词: Pervaporation dehydrationHybSi membraneEthanolIsopropanolSolution-diffusion
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)Results of experimental investigation of pervaporation dehydration of ethanol and isopropanol by HybSi membranes at concentrations of organic component in the feed in the range from ~50 to ~99wt%, feed temperatures 60, 70 and 80°C and permeate pressures 5 and 20mm Hg are presented. The experimental data demonstrate a nonmonotonic dependence of separation factor on water concentration in the feed with maximum value of separation factor reached at water concentration in the feed of several percent for both ethanol dehydration and isopropanol dehydration. Values of both total permeate flux and separation factor for the isopropanol dehydration case are higher than for the ethanol dehydration case. Results of the...
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  • pervaporation 全蒸发过程
  • isopropanol 异丙醇
  • ethanol 乙醇
  • investigation 研究
  • dehydration 脱水
  • diffusion 扩散
  • permeate 渗透
  • solution 溶液
  • parameters 参数
  • membrane