Preparation of composite switchable water with hydrophobic tertiary amine for washing oil sands
作者: Xiaojiang LiHongsheng LuDongfang LiuBaogang Wang
作者单位: 1College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, 610500, PR China
刊名: Journal of CO2 Utilization, 2019, Vol.29 , pp.254-261
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcou.2018.12.012
关键词: CO 2Composite switchable waterWashing oil sandsRecyclable
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)In this article, the composite switchable water was prepared with hydrophobic tertiary amine and switchable water, which provides a new method for washing oil sands. Firstly, pH and 1 HNMR were used to demonstrate that N,N- diethylethanolamine (DEEA) with the excellent CO 2 response could be treated as potential switchable water. In addition, N,N- dimethylaniline (DMA) was chosen as a suitable hydrophobic tertiary amine, because DMA is a more steady molecular state than DEEA at the same pH. Then, the composite switchable water (DMA + DEEA(aq)) was prepared with DMA and DEEA solutions. There was the possible presence of inductive effect between DMA and DEEA detected by 1 HNRM and it was also found that DEEA reduced the surface tension. Next, the CO 2 -triggered switchable...
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  • switchable 可变换的
  • water 
  • sands 沙滩
  • amine 
  • DMA direct memory access
  • demonstrate 说明
  • tertiary 第三系
  • washing 洗涤
  • hydrophobic 疏水的
  • composite 复合的