Precise and accurate 186 Os/ 188 Os and 187 Os/ 188 Os measurements by multi-collector plasma ionisation mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS) part I: Solution analyses
作者: G.M. NowellA. LuguetD.G. PearsonM.S.A. Horstwood
作者单位: 1The Arthur Holmes Isotope Geology Laboratory, Northern Centre for Isotopic and Elemental Tracing, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Durham, Durham, UK
2NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory, Kingsley Dunham Centre, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5GG, UK
刊名: Chemical Geology, 2007, Vol.248 (3), pp.363-393
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2007.10.020
关键词: OsmiumIsotopesMC-ICP-MSRe–OsHighly siderophile
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)We present new high precision Os isotope data obtained by solution-mode MC-ICP-MS for 4 different Os isotope reference materials and compare the data to that obtained by the N-TIMS method. Mass fractionation effects for MC-ICP-MS are evaluated and we demonstrate excellent adherence to the exponential law. An improved and robust method for the derivation of interfering element isotope ratios is presented and evaluated via analysis of solutions with widely varying interfering element/analyte ratios. We show experiments that illustrate the extent of memory with a conventional solution introduction system and establish a protocol that reduces washout time and memory effects to the same level as those common for other elements typically analysed at high precision by...
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  • elements 初步
  • precision 精度
  • reference 基准电压源
  • system 
  • routine 程序
  • protocol 日态
  • exponential 指数的
  • ratios 遗传比率
  • improved 改进
  • ionisation 电离