Effect of grain size of the precursor powder on the plastic deformation and the current carrying capacity of Bi-2212 wires
作者: Q.B. HaoC.S. LiG.F. JiaoX.Y. XuG.Q. LiuH.L. ZhengS.N. ZhangG.S. LiZ.M. YuL.F. BaiL.J. CuiJ.Q. Feng
作者单位: 1Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research, Xi'an 710016, China
2Northeastern University, Shenyang 110006, China
刊名: Physica C: Superconductivity and its applications, 2020, Vol.571
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.physc.2020.1353605
关键词: Bi-2212 superconducting wireGrain size of precursor powderPlastic deformation propertiesCurrent carrying capacity
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)In the past two years, the record of current carrying capacity of Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O x (Bi-2212) wire has been broken many times by using improved powder, which shows that the precursor powder plays an important role in the preparation of Bi-2212 wire. In order to improve the quality of Bi-2212 precursor powder, this paper explored the effect of the grain size of the precursor powder on the uniformity of the plastic deformation of the wire, the grain alignment of the superconducting cores and the current carrying capacity of the wire. It was found that the plate-like large-grain precursor powder had the obvious bridging effect, which effectively prevented the Ag sheath of single-core wires from expanding freely inward, so that the single-core Bi-2212 wires with smooth...
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  • grain 颗粒
  • carrying 垫纱
  • precursor 前驱物质
  • capacity 电容量
  • powder 粉末
  • plastic 可塑性的
  • current 
  • Grain 谷物
  • improving 改进
  • core 岩心