Satellite in transit metastases in rapidly fatal conjunctival melanoma: implications for angiotropism and extravascular migratory metastasis (description of a murine model for conjunctival melanoma)
作者: Raymond L. BarnhillStéphanie LemaitreChristine Lévy-GabrielleManuel RodriguesLaurence DesjardinsRémi DendaleAnne Vincent-SalomonSergio Roman-RomanClaire LugassyNathalie Cassoux
作者单位: 1Department of Pathology, Institut Curie, Paris, France
2Department of Ophthalmology, Institut Curie, Paris, France
3Department of Medical Oncology, Institut Curie, Paris, France
4Department of Radiation Therapy, Institut Curie, Paris, France
5Department of Translational Research, Institut Curie, Paris, France
刊名: Pathology, 2016, Vol.48 (2), pp.166-176
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.pathol.2015.12.005
关键词: Conjunctival melanomametastasismicroscopic satellitein transit metastasissatelliteangiotropismextravascular migratory metastasismelanoma
原始语种摘要: Summary(#br)Little information is currently available concerning loco-regional metastases such as satellite and in transit metastases and their natural history in conjunctival melanoma as compared to cutaneous melanoma. Angiotropism, a marker of extravascular migration of melanoma cells along vascular channels, often appears responsible for microscopic satellite, satellite and in transit metastases development in cutaneous melanoma. In addition, diffuse tissue microscopic satellites are correlated with widespread melanoma dissemination and death. Herein we report rapid conjunctival melanoma progression and a fatal outcome in four of five patients following recurrence as satellite in transit metastases. Five patients aged 31, 60, 63, 56, and 67 years developed primary conjunctival...
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  • conjunctival 结膜的
  • melanoma 黑瘤
  • extravascular 血液外的
  • migratory 迁移的
  • murine 鼠灰色
  • metastases 移位变化
  • metastasis 同质蜕变
  • transit 渡越
  • Satellite 卫星
  • fatal 致命的