Origin of HIMU and EM-1 domains sampled by ocean island basalts, kimberlites and carbonatites: The role of CO 2 -fluxed lower mantle melting in thermochemical upwellings
作者: Kenneth D. CollersonQuentin WilliamsAnthony E. EwartDavid T. Murphy
作者单位: 1School of Earth Sciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland 4072, Australia
2Earth & Planetary Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA
3School of Biogeociences, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia
刊名: Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 2010, Vol.181 (3), pp.112-131
来源数据库: Elsevier Journal
DOI: 10.1016/j.pepi.2010.05.008
关键词: Mantle heterogeneityEMHIMUKimberliteCarbonatiteOcean island basaltModelling lower mantle meltingBuoyant melts and residuesCarbon dioxide
原始语种摘要: Abstract(#br)Parent/daughter isotope ratios of the enriched mantle (EM) and high- μ (HIMU) mantle reservoirs sampled by ocean island basalt (OIB), kimberlite and carbonatite magmas are produced entirely by CO 2 -fluxed melting in the lower mantle. The region of formation of the HIMU-EM complementary reservoirs is interpreted to be near the base of the lower mantle. By quantitative modelling of partial melting, using partition coefficients determined or inferred for lower mantle phases, we show that U/Pb, Rb/Sr, Sm/Nd, Lu/Hf, and Re/Os ratios that are characteristic of EM are associated with lower mantle carbon-rich partial melts, with the residues of melting evolving to HIMU compositions. Melting of lower mantle phases is most likely caused by carbonate-induced suppression of the liquidus...
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  • thermochemical 热化学的
  • mantle 地幔
  • upwellings 上升流体
  • lower 降下
  • melting 熔化
  • carbonate 碳酸盐
  • island 
  • member 
  • sampled 抽[采,取]样
  • origin 起原