The Sisters of the Infant Jesus, St. Maur, in Spain: Their Transformation and the Mission in Bembibre in the Long 1960s. A Digital History Web Resource
作者: Ana JofreRosa Bruno-Jofré
作者单位: 1SUNY Polytechnic Institute
2Queen’s University
刊名: Espacio, Tiempo y Educación, 2019, Vol.6 (2), pp.153-175
来源数据库: FahrenHouse
DOI: 10.14516/ete.259
关键词: Historical ResearchDigital HumanitiesPublic HumanitiesWomen ReligiousSisters of the Infant JesusOpen schoolNicholas BarréThe «long 1960s»
原始语种摘要: We created a web-based digital history resource, documenting the work of the Sisters of the Infant Jesus in Bembibre, Spain. The resource contains an interpretative historical narrative that examines the Sisters’ time in Bembibre and the development of their school, as well as a visualization of their historical context and the conceptual tools used in the research. The user can read the narrative, explore their photographs, listen to exchanges in the groups organized by the Sisters when the research began, but also learn about the larger historical framework in which they lived. The resource also invites contributions from users who lived this experience, and our intention is to help foster an online community of the Sisters’ former pupils and their descendants. The target users for this...
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