Mirror therapy, an important but underappreciated rehabilitation treatment
作者: Xiong-ZhiWu
刊名: TMR Non-Drug Therapy, 2019, Vol.2 (4)
来源数据库: TMR publishing group
DOI: 10.12032/TMRND201902024
关键词: Mirror therapy Rehabilitation training Mirror neurons
原始语种摘要: Mirror therapy is a treatment method that uses flat-panel imaging combined with rehabilitation training programs to allow patients to observe the motion of the unaffected limbs, and to visualize and drive the motion of the limb on the affected side through optical illusion, visual feedback, and virtual reality. The development of mirror therapy has been widely used today in all aspects of rehabilitation programs, such as the recovery of dysfunctions, sensation, dyskinesia and language, especially the improvement of pain and exercise capacity. This review focused the mechanisms of mirror therapy, reported the possible mechanisms that may involve in the therapy.
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  • Mirror 镜子
  • visualize 目视
  • training 培养
  • rehabilitation 重建
  • motion 运动
  • reality 真实
  • mirror 
  • treatment 处理
  • improvement 改良
  • imaging 图像形成