Study on the technical specification of Miao doctor's medicinal acupuncture therapy for interventional cancer pain
作者: Shui Hui-LiYang ZhuLong Feng-XiHuang Wen-QiYang BingZhang ZhenTang Dong-Xin
作者单位: 1Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guiyang 550002, China.
22 Key Laboratory of Chronic Pain Treatment by Miao Medicine, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guiyang 550002, China.
刊名: TMR Cancer, 2019, Vol.2 (2), pp.157-161
来源数据库: TMR publishing group
原始语种摘要: HighlightsMiao doctor sputum acupuncture is an effective method for treating cancer pain.Operational standard operation of Miao doctor sputum acupuncture treatment for cancer pain.(#br)Editor’s SummaryThe treatment of cancer pain is limited and the treatment effect is not satisfactory. Miao doctor's acupuncture treatment may be an effective treatment. This provides a new strategy for clinical treatment of cancer pain.(#br)Abstract Objective:(#br) Under the guidance of the theory of Miao medicine, the technical norm scheme for intervention of acupuncture and moxibustion for the treatment of cancer pain is proposed. Methods:(#br) The standard operation procedure of the intervention of the acupuncture and moxibustion acupuncture therapy for cancer pain was formulated according to the...
全文获取路径: 传统医学研究 

  • acupuncture 针刺术
  • moxibustion 灸术
  • technical 技术的
  • specification 说瞄
  • sputum 喀痰
  • acupoint 输穴
  • treatment 处理
  • intervention 
  • medicinal 医学的
  • doctor 博士