On time change equivalence of Borel flows
作者: Konstantin Slutsky
作者单位: 130 Dover Rise, #07-07 Singapore 138687
刊名: Fundamenta Mathematicae, 2019, Vol.247 , pp.1-24
来源数据库: Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences
DOI: 10.4064/fm677-12-2018
原始语种摘要: This paper addresses the notion of time change equivalence for Borel $ \mathbb {R}^{d} $-flows. We show that all free non-smooth $ \mathbb {R}^{d} $-flows are time change equivalent up to a compressible set. An appropriate version of this result for non-free flows is also given.
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  • 当量 变种
  • equivalence 等价
  • Borel 博雷尔牌手表
  • change 变化
  • compressible 可压缩性的
  • given 已知的
  • notion 概念
  • paper 
  • appropriate 适当的
  • version 变种
  • equivalent 变种