Cinderella and Other Stories ... An Exploration of Practitioners' Views on Bringing Further Education out of the Shadows
作者: Carol Thompson
作者单位: 1University of Bedfordshire
刊名: Encyclopaideia, 2019, Vol.23 (53)
来源数据库: University of Bologna, Department for Life Quality Studies
DOI: 10.6092/issn.1825-8670/9345
关键词: AgencyProfessionalismNeoliberalismSocial JusticeCollaboration
原始语种摘要: Further education (FE) has frequently been portrayed as «the Cinderella service» in relation to other phases; a «submerged space» operating below the surface and out of sight of mainstream educational policy in England. A contrasting view depicts a sector often considered a panacea for social concerns. FE is charged with supplying a skilled workforce and has been portrayed as a vehicle for enhancing economic development (DfEE 1998, Leitch 2006). Despite this it has repeatedly suffered funding cuts (Tickle 2014) alongside imposed political change. This research explores the stories of tutors and managers affected by managerial processes in English FE. The findings revealed the impact of corporatisation on leadership as well as on tutor and student agency and explored how professional...
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  • educational 教育的
  • alongside 船边
  • skilled 熟练的
  • English 英语英国的英国人的英语的
  • student 大学生
  • sector 
  • panacea 万能药
  • mainstream 主流
  • workforce 劳动力
  • supplying 供应