Redescription of tetrapod trackways from the Mississippian Mabou Group, Lepreau Falls, New Brunswick, Canada
作者: Matthew R. StimsonRandall F. MillerSpencer G. LucasAdrian F. ParkSteven J. Hinds
作者单位: 1New Brunswick Museum.
刊名: Atlantic Geology, 2016, Vol.52 , pp.001-019
来源数据库: Atlantic Geoscience Society
DOI: 10.4138/atlgeol.2016.001
原始语种摘要: Red-bed strata exposed at Lepreau Falls, southern New Brunswick, were originally interpreted as belonging to the Triassic Lepreau Formation. Poorly preserved tetrapod trackways within the strata were previously assigned to two ichnospecies; one to a new Triassic ichnospecies, Isocampe lepreauense Sarjeant and Stringer, and the other to Rhynchosauroides cf. R. franconicus (Heller). Both were attributed to reptiles. Subsequent mapping of the rocks and reassignment of the exposed strata at Lepreau Falls to the Mississippian Mabou Group prompted our re-examination of the trackway fossils. Isocampe lepreauense was described from a specimen block preserving three trackways and the original description was based on erroneous interpretation of extramorphological digit drags. Rhynchosauroides cf....
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  • Canada 加拿大
  • assignment 使命
  • strata 地层
  • tetrapod 四脚体
  • originally 原来
  • trackway 轨道
  • preserved 保藏的
  • Triassic 三叠纪
  • specimen 标本
  • interpret 说明