Assessing patterns of dissolved methane in shallow aquifers related to Carboniferous and Triassic sedimentary basins, Nova Scotia, Canada
作者: Gavin W. KennedyJohn M. Drage
作者单位: 1Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.
刊名: Atlantic Geology, 2015, Vol.51 (1), pp.233-241
来源数据库: Atlantic Geoscience Society
DOI: 10.4138/atlgeol.2015.009
原始语种摘要: The study examines patterns of groundwater methane in shallow aquifers located in Carboniferous and Triassic sedimentary basins in Nova Scotia to improve our understanding of the factors influencing the observed distribution. A combined total of over 800 dissolved methane samples were collected from water wells during surveys conducted in 1975 and 2013. Statistical analyses of the methane data did not detect a significant difference between groupings of methane concentrations for aquifer type, bedrock group, and distance to wetlands. A significant difference, however, was observed between sedimentary basins and bedrock formations, which was largely attributed to localized higher methane concentrations found in the Stellarton Formation/basin compared to other on-shore sedimentary basins of...
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  • sedimentary 沉积的
  • shallow 浅的
  • methane 甲烷
  • Triassic 三叠纪
  • Canada 加拿大
  • dissolved 溶解的
  • groundwater 潜水
  • bedrock 基岩
  • basin 盆地
  • upslope 往上