Method for improving thermodynamic performance of vapour compression refrigeration system using nanofluids- A Review
作者: R.S.Mishra
刊名: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation, 2018, Vol.2 (4)
来源数据库: Meerut Institute of Technology
关键词: Thermodynamic PerformancesVapour compression refrigeration systemNanofluids
原始语种摘要: In this paper, nanoparticle based refrigerant has been used to increase the heat transfer performance of base refrigerant in the vapour compression refrigeration system. Many types of solid and oxide materials could be used as the nanoparticles to be suspended into the conventional/non-conventional refrigerants. In this project work, the effect of the suspended copper oxide (CuO), Titanium Oxide (TiO2), Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3 ) into the ecofriendly refrigerant (i.e. R134a, R407c and R404A) is used for enhancing the thermal performance of vapour compression refrigeration system. Comparison was made between utility of ecofriendly refrigerant mixed with nanoparticle and used in the primary circuit of VCRS. That ecofriendly nano refrigerant is used in primary circuit of VCRS along with mixing...
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  • refrigerant 冷冻剂
  • refrigeration 冷却
  • vapour 蒸汽
  • nanoparticle 乳酸
  • performance 性能
  • thermodynamic 热力学的
  • circuit 电路
  • improving 改进
  • compression 压缩
  • system