Dynamic performance of H-bridge cascaded multilevel inverter with multiwinding transformer
作者: S. Sakthivel
刊名: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation, 2018, Vol.2 (4)
来源数据库: Meerut Institute of Technology
关键词: HarmonicsH-bridge cascaded multilevel inverter (HCMLI)Pulse Width ModulationTotal Harmonics DistortionMATLAB
原始语种摘要: This paper deals with minimization of the particular harmonics in the output voltage of inverter. The concept of multilevel voltage source inverters and their modulation topologies are to be analyzed. The concept of the Harmonic Stepped-Waveform with optimization technique for a multilevel inverter is to be presented. By applying this concept, specific harmonics can be eliminated, and the output voltage total harmonics distortion can be improved. A procedure to achieve the appropriate switching angles is to be proposed. This project also proposes an isolated cascaded multilevel inverter employing low-frequency three-phase transformers and a single dc input power source. The proposed circuit connection will reduce a number of transformers utilized when compared with traditional three-phase...
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  • inverter 倒相器
  • multilevel 多级
  • cascaded 叶栅状的
  • bridge 电桥
  • voltage 电压
  • output 输出
  • harmonics 低函数
  • transformer 纠正仪
  • minimization 最小化
  • connection 连接