A review of vocal track separation methods for karaoke generation
作者: Dr. Unnikrishnan. G
刊名: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation, 2019, Vol.3 (2)
来源数据库: Meerut Institute of Technology
关键词: Vocal SeparationKaraoke GenerationMIDIHPSS
原始语种摘要: Generation of clean karaoke tracks is still an unsolved fundamental research problem in Digital Music Technology. Today, there is a high demand for karaoke tracks among amateur and professional singers. Even though a lot of karaoke tracks of popular songs are available online, there still exist even more songs for which the karaoke tracks are not available. This paper reviews some of the existing automatic karaoke generation methods, which can suppress or extract the vocal portion in audio music signals
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  • 现行 自动的
  • generation 世代
  • there 那里
  • vocal 声音的
  • track 径迹
  • fundamental 基本的
  • available 可供应的
  • amateur 爱好者
  • automatic 自动的
  • existing 自动的
  • popular 普及