Effect of performance parameters on thermodynamic performances of double effect Li/Br H2O VARS cascaded with VCRS using ecofriendly HFC-134a and HFO refrigerants
作者: R.S.Mishra
刊名: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation, 2019, Vol.3 (2)
来源数据库: Meerut Institute of Technology
关键词: Thermodynamic performance ComparisonEcofriendly refrigerantsCascaded System
原始语种摘要: Vapour absorption system is an attractive method for using the low grade energy directly for cooling simple vapour absorption system consists of an absorber, a pump, a generator and a pressure reducing valve to replace the compressor of vapour compression system. The other components of the system are condenser, receiver, expansion valve and evaporator as in the vapour compression system. In Lithium bromide absorption system, a solution of lithium bromide and water is used. Water is being used as the refrigerant and Lithium bromide acts as an absorbent. Lithium bromide is a hydroscopic salt with high affinity for water vapour due to its very low vapour pressure. This system is generally used in air conditioning systems due to not very low temperature (above 0˚C) requirements. In this...
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  • vapour 蒸汽
  • cascaded 叶栅状的
  • performance 性能
  • thermodynamic 热力学的
  • parameters 参数
  • refrigerant 冷冻剂
  • effect 效应
  • compression 压缩
  • double 双重的
  • system