Tensile fractography of artificially aged Al6061-B4C composites
作者: Sathyashankara Sharma Achutha kini Gowri Shankar Rakesh T C Raja HKrishna Chaitanya Manjunath Shettar
刊名: Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences (JMES), 2018, Vol.12 (3)
来源数据库: Universiti Malaysia Pahang Publishing
DOI: 10.15282/jmes.12.3.2018.8.0339
关键词: Matrix alloyAluminium Metal Matrix CompositesBoron carbideAgingFractographyMicrostructure.
原始语种摘要: Presence of various amount of B4C reinforcement (2, 4 & 6% wt.) in Al6061 alloy on the hardness and tensile behaviour is studied in the present work. The influence of artificial aging due to presence of reinforcement on Al6061 alloy also evaluated. Brinell hardness and failure behaviour during tensile loading which impact the growth of failure physiognomies have been confirmed. The conventional age hardening treatment at three aging temperatures (100, 150 and 200°C) is performed on the composites, peak hardness and ultimate tensile strength variations at three aging temperatures is critically analysed. Lower temperature aging shows enhancement of hardness by 170% and ultimate tensile strength by 90%. The best results obtained during peak aging at 100°C is subjected to transmission...
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  • composites 菊科植物
  • hardness 硬度
  • tensile 拉的
  • fractography 金属面检查法
  • intermetallic 金属间
  • nucleation 成核
  • ultimate 极限
  • aging 老化
  • Brinell 布里涅尔
  • carbide 碳化钙