Analysis on the effect of ECDM process parameters during micro-machining of glass using genetic algorithm
作者: B. Mallick B.R. Sarkar B. Doloi B. Bhattacharyya
刊名: Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences (JMES), 2018, Vol.12 (3)
来源数据库: Universiti Malaysia Pahang Publishing
DOI: 10.15282/jmes.12.3.2018.13.0344
关键词: Genetic algorithmMicro-ECDMMicro-slotSpring-feedSurface roughness
原始语种摘要: Electro chemical discharge hybrid machining process involves in micro-machining to cut microchannel, micro-profile as well as micro-slot, blind hole on hard materials like ceramic, quartz and glass. Experimentation has been performed using an indigenously developed micro-ECDM set up in which pressurized automated spring feeding mechanism and cam follower system is used to control the working gap. This paper emphasis to the influences of different process parameters like applied voltage (V), electrolyte concentrations (wt%), pulse frequency (Hz) and duty ratio (%) on different machining performance characteristics such as Material Removal Rate (MRR), Overcut (OC), Surface Roughness (Ra) and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) during micro-channel cutting on glass. The empirical mathematical model has...
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  • micro 
  • algorithm 算法
  • process 过程
  • genetic 遗传的
  • machining 机械加工
  • follower 从动轮
  • glass 玻璃
  • during 在的期间
  • Analysis 分析
  • empirical 经验的