Experimental investigation on HSFP using MWCNT based nanofluids for high power light emitting diodes
作者: Sangmesh B Gopalakrishna K. Manjunath S.H. Kathyayini N. K. Kadirgama M. Samykano G.C. Vijayakumar
刊名: Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences (JMES), 2018, Vol.12 (3)
来源数据库: Universiti Malaysia Pahang Publishing
DOI: 10.15282/jmes.12.3.2018.7.0338
关键词: HSFPHeat Sink with fluid pocketsThermal management of LEDsNanofluids.
原始语种摘要: LEDs, of late, have received attention as the next generation lighting system for enhanced luminous efficiency and higher lifespan. However, the thermal management of the LEDs is the crucial parameter to be countered for global acceptance as a revolutionary illumination source. This paper reports the experimental investigation of natural convective heat transfer of high power LED COBs using MWCNT and MWCNT-CuO nanofluids mixed with de-ionized water. The study uses MWCNT based nanofluids as a route to enhance the heat transfer of high power LEDs by the passive cooling technique. This study presents an innovative cooling device integrated with numerous fluid pockets, called the HSFP, to achieve the enhanced thermal performance of heat sinks for applications in high intensity LED lights....
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  • investigation 研究
  • light 
  • emitting 发出
  • thermal 热的
  • device 装置
  • illumination 光照强度
  • convective 对聊
  • intensity 强度
  • study 学习
  • finding 搜索寻线