Empathy and Aesthetics
作者: BreithauptFritz
刊名: Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft Band 63. Heft 1, 2018, Vol.63 (1)
来源数据库: Felix Meiner Verlag GmbH
原始语种摘要: This paper develops a theory of aesthetic experience from the perspective of the empathetic observer. It suggests that there are some experiences in which empathy and aesthetic experience are indistinguishable. The paper focusses on one of these experienc
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  • aesthetic 美学的
  • paper 
  • perspective 透视画法
  • observer 测候员
  • there 那里
  • experience 体验
  • empathy 移情作用
  • which 哪个
  • these 这些的
  • theory 理论