Virtual Theory: Integrating Cybersecurity into International Relations Theory
作者: Daryl Bockett
刊名: The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, 2018, Vol.12 (4), pp.15-30
来源数据库: Common Ground Research Networks
DOI: 10.18848/2324-755X/CGP/v12i04/15-30
关键词: CybersecurityInformation WarfarePerception ManagementSoft BalancingStructural Realism
原始语种摘要: Existing theories of international relations (IR) have so far been unable to deal with the challenges presented by emerging forms of cyberattack. This article presents a way to integrate the kinds of cyberattack that were seen in the 2016 American presidential election into existing IR theories. Additionally, within the framework of structural realism, it introduces the concept of cyber soft balancing, including but not limited to information warfare, and argues that this will become a permanent feature of great power competition and conflict.
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  • international 国际的
  • information 报告
  • great 大的
  • competition 竞争
  • integrate 积分
  • become 成为
  • conflict 冲突
  • including 包括(气导)包括……在内包括…在内
  • presidential 庭长
  • realism 现实主义