Practical, Lucrative, Digital…English?
作者: Alison WitteSarah Young
刊名: The International Journal of Communication and Linguistic Studies, 2015, Vol.14 (1), pp.33-42
来源数据库: Common Ground Research Networks
DOI: 10.18848/2327-7882/CGP/v14i01/43664
关键词: English MajorDigital WritingMultiliteracies
原始语种摘要: Stuart Selber’s "Multiliteracies for a Digital Age" argues that educators are responsible for teaching students functional, critical, and rhetorical literacies in text and digital formats. Our newly designed Professional Writing and English Studies (PWES) curriculum draws on Selber to transform a traditionally text-based major. The English major at Trine University was cancelled because it was seen as unviable for job placement. In response, the PWES major, consisting of composition and literature cores, was collaboratively designed to prepare students for work and graduate study in the digitalized age. Composition courses integrate multimodal composing (Selfe 2007) and digital composing theories and tools. To increase financial viability and enrollment, literature courses will be offered...
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  • English 英语英国的英国人的英语的
  • majors 大公司
  • teaching 教学
  • composing 编制程序
  • cancelled 取消的
  • legitimate 合法
  • conjunction 连测
  • rhetorical 修辞学
  • struggle 竟争
  • survive 保存生命