Media Consumption amongst First Generation Argentinean-Australians
作者: Stephanie NatoloCristina Poyatos MatasTaeko Imura
刊名: The International Journal of Communication and Linguistic Studies, 2015, Vol.13 (3), pp.1-21
来源数据库: Common Ground Research Networks
DOI: 10.18848/2327-7882/CGP/v13i03/43650
关键词: Argentinean-AustraliansLanguage MaintenanceMedia Consumption
原始语种摘要: Media, be it diasporic, transnational, or mainstream, provides diasporas with a communication method and connection via the distribution of information, whilst retaining cultural and social bonds from their country of origin. Recent studies in the USA and Australia have reported significant increases in diasporic media use and audience numbers, as it creates a sense of identity amongst them. In addition to publishing news from the mainstream culture, diasporic media supports its community by being its voice, whilst preserving its culture, language and history (Natolo 2015 in press; Natolo 2014; Carreira 2013; Laleko 2013; Liu 2013; Shin and Lee 2013). As Spanish is one of Australia’s most prevalent community languages, the field of media studies and language maintenance in Australia...
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  • transnational 超越国界的
  • consumption 消耗
  • Spanish 西班牙
  • their 他们的
  • premise 前提
  • country 地方
  • Australia 澳大利亚
  • consume 消费
  • unify 使一致
  • bonds 公债