Premature Francophone Infants in Northern Ontario as the Object of Interdisciplinary Research
作者: Roxanne BélangerNicole KeatingChantal Mayer-CrittendenManon RobillardMichèle Minor-Corriveau
刊名: The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies, 2013, Vol.7 (3), pp.103-115
来源数据库: Common Ground Research Networks
DOI: 10.18848/2324-7576/CGP/v07i03/53453
关键词: Speech and Language PathologyPrematurityInterdisciplinarity
原始语种摘要: Premature birth has an impact on many Canadian women. Since prematurity is not restricted to a particular group, it is not easily identifiable. However, it is imperative to understand the factors associated with premature births because they are the leading cause of infant mortality in developed countries, and represent approximately three of every four deaths occurring during the perinatal period. Premature birth is also accompanied by multiple and interrelated risk factors requiring health care providers from a variety of disciplines. The review of the literature reveals that there exists little agreement on the effects of prematurity, especially extreme prematurity, on child development. However, researchers agree that all domains of development remain vulnerable following a premature...
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  • prematurity 早熟性
  • perinatal 产期的
  • vulnerable 要害
  • birth 出生
  • associated 相关的
  • agreement 协议
  • development 开发
  • imperative 命令
  • understand 理解
  • regarding 涉及