Challenging Worldviews: Alternative Realities in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart
作者: Ronit Mazovskiy
刊名: The International Journal of Critical Cultural Studies, 2018, Vol.15 (4), pp.1-11
来源数据库: Common Ground Research Networks
DOI: 10.18848/2327-0055/CGP/v15i04/1-11
关键词: LiteratureBritishColonialismPost-colonialism
原始语种摘要: In his much-beloved novel “Things Fall Apart,” Chinua Achebe strives to create a world that is wholly different from ours yet familiar in its portrayal of our shared experience as part of the human race. Achebe’s story is of a tribal community’s march to modernity as it is transformed almost overnight into a colonial vassal, subjected to European customs and institutions and alienated from its traditional ways. This transition—the liminal phase between tribal life and Western subjugation—is at the heart of the novel, and Achebe makes clear what is lost during this upheaval. Achebe challenges many of the European perspectives brought in by the British, in particular, the Western notions of subjectivity and the confluence of language and logic. This paper will explore how by representing...
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  • expectations 期待的事物
  • subjective 舟的
  • cultural 文化的
  • European 欧洲人
  • liminal 侧陷的
  • particular 细致的
  • approach 
  • paper 
  • subjugation 灭亡
  • British 不列颠的