Dilithium Tetrachlorocuprate(II) Catalyzed Oxidative Homocoupling of Functionalized Grignard Reagents
作者: Si-Kai HuaQiu-Peng HuJiangmeng RenBu-Bing Zeng
刊名: Synthesis, 2013, Vol.45 (4), pp.518-526
来源数据库: Thieme Journal
DOI: 10.1055/s-0032-1316841
关键词: homocouplingdilithium tetrachlorocuprate(II)Grignard­ reagentsoxidantmetalation
英文摘要: An efficient procedure is described for the oxidative homocoupling of functionalized Grignard reagents using a catalytic amount of dilithium tetrachlorocuprate(II) (CuLi2Cl4) in the presence of pure oxygen gas. This method is applied successfully to a variety of aryl, heteroaryl, alkyl, alkenyl and alkynyl halides, which are converted into the corresponding homocoupled products in good to excellent yields.
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