Chirality Transfer from a Chiral Primary Alcohol Equivalent Through Allyl Cyanate-to-Isocyanate Rearrangement: Synthesis of (+)-Geranyllinaloisocyanide
作者: Hirofumi MorimotoToshiya Masuda
刊名: Synthesis, 2019, pp.-
来源数据库: Thieme Journal
DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1612422
关键词: Hoppe reactionΑ-silyl allyl alcoholAllyl cyanate-to-isocyanate rearrangementChirality transferMarine natural products
英文摘要: Abstract A new approach was developed to construct quaternary stereogenic centers bearing nitrogen substituents in an enantioselective manner. The strategy takes advantage of [1,3]-chirality transfer from a chiral primary alcohol equivalent through an allyl cyanate-to-isocyanate rearrangement. This approach was employed in an efficient eight-step synthesis of the marine natural product, (+)-geranyllinaloisocyanide, in 43% overall yield.
全文获取路径: Thieme 
影响因子:2.5 (2012)

  • Alcohol 酒精
  • Transfer 转运牌汽车