Total productive maintenance for the sewing process in footwear
作者: John ReyesKevin AlvarezAmanda MartínezJuan Guamán
刊名: Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 2018, Vol.11 (4), pp.814-822
来源数据库: Omnia Publisher SL
DOI: 10.3926/jiem.2644
原始语种摘要: Purpose: This research proposes an implementation model of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) based on the analysis of criticality of machines in the sewing process in the Ecuadorian footwear industry and the identification of unproductive times caused by labor failures.(#br)Design/methodology/approach: The project uses field research, presents a quantitative approach, the data collection is done in a horizon of 8 months in which the information is condensed in data tables and takes as a case study one of the most successful companies in the Ecuadorian footwear industry for its initiative to innovate their processes and research new technologies that help increase their efficiency.(#br)Findings: The results allow to demonstrate the successful application of the proposed model in the...
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  • process 过程
  • sewing 缝纫
  • productive 生产的
  • footwear 
  • successful 成功的
  • industry 工业
  • implementation 执行
  • standards 规程
  • their 他们的
  • number 号码