Mission statements of universities worldwide: Text mining and visualization
作者: Julián David Cortés Sánchez
刊名: Intangible Capital, 2018, Vol.14 (4), pp.584-603
来源数据库: Omnia Publisher SL
DOI: 10.3926/ic.1258
原始语种摘要: Purpose: To conduct a transnational study of universities’ mission statements (MS) through content analysis to identify characteristics related to language (e.g. number of words, the most and least frequently used words) and if those characteristics are related to universities’ location, size, focus, research output, age band and status (i.e. private or public). (#br)Design/methodology/approach: Content analysis by using Voyant Tools.(#br)Findings: The main results showed: (1) a necessity for self-awareness; (2) an overall emphasis on society and students, as stakeholders; (3) there were no discernible similarities in terms between firms and universities; (4) MS tend to be longer in universities from Asia and shorter from Europe; (5) the absence of quantitative elements; (6) small...
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  • 难得的 目测
  • ranking 级别
  • community 群落
  • database 资料库
  • transnational 超越国界的
  • inclusive 包括
  • private 私有的
  • conduct 行动
  • visualization 目测
  • uncommonly 目测
  • Latin 拉丁语