Indications Selection for Surgeons Training in the Translaminar Percutaneous Endoscopic Discectomy Based on Finite Element Analysis
作者: Jingchi LiWenqiang XuQingfeng JiangZhipeng XiXiaoyu ZhangNan WangLin XieYang LiuNicholas Dunne
作者单位: 1Department of Spine Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing 210028, Jiangsu, China
2Department of Anatomy, School of Basic Medical Sciences of Southwest Medical University, Luzhou 646000, Sichuan, China
3Department of Spine Surgery, Changzheng Hospital Affiliated to the Naval Medical University, Shanghai 200041, China
刊名: BioMed Research International, 2020, Vol.2020
来源数据库: Hindawi Journal
DOI: 10.1155/2020/2960642
原始语种摘要: Background . Translaminar percutaneous endoscopic discectomy (PED) was used widely in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation (LDH), especially for the training of novice surgeons. A larger range of osteotomy was a suitable method to get enough operation space and reduce intraoperative risks. But osteotomy, especially facetectomy, may be associated with the biomechanical deterioration and resulting adjacent segment diseases (ASD). Hence, the objects of this study were to investigate whether different levels of surgical experience in performing different ranges of osteotomy (especially facetectomy) affected the risk for ASD and to identify the safe indications for the training of PED novice surgeons. Study Design . In this study, a three-dimensional lumbosacral model was constructed and...
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  • osteotomy 骨切开术
  • shoulder 肩膀儿
  • facetectomy 椎骨关节
  • armpit 夹肢窝
  • PED Pedestal
  • lumbosacral 腰骶的
  • herniation 疝形成
  • novice 初学者
  • lumbar 腰的
  • training 培养